there is a hell, believe me i've seen it

there is a heaven, let's keep it a secret

Morning Star
21 May 1990
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I Died In My Dreams
What's That Supposed To Mean
Got Lost In The Fire

I Died In My Dreams
Reaching Out For Your Hand
My Fatal Desire


There Are No Flowers, No Not This Time
There'll Be No Angels Gracing The Lines
Just These Stark Words I Find

I'd Show A Smile, But I'm Too Weak
I'd Share With You Could I Only Speak
Just How Much This Hurts Me


My gender is

ALWAYS!, activist, admirer, ambigender, ambiguous, amorous, BDSM, babe, bbw admirer, beautiful, bigender, birl, bitch, boi, bondage, bottom, boy in a skirt, boy lover, boy with a vagina, boy with boobs, butch-fucking, butch-ish, butch-liking, butch-loving, chapstick lesbian, chick, child, cunt, cute, DS, daughter, differently-gendered, dude, eyeliner fag, FT?, FTI, FTW, fagette, faggot, fanboy, female guy, female-bodied, femme, femme-fucking, femme-liking, femme-loving, femmeboy, femmy butch, fightfucker, flamer, flirt, flirty, friend of Dorothy, full of love, gay-friendly, gender abolitionist, gender atypical, gender bender, gender deviant, gender dysphoric, gender euphoric, gender fluid, genderbent, genderfuck, genderqueer, genetic girl, genetically challenged king, girl lover, glam fag, glittery, grrl, gynephiliac, happy, heteroqueer, in transition, intergender, kinky, LGBTQIOPPS, leftist, liberal, libertarian, lover, Ms., Mx., male-born, male-identified, male-souled, man with a vagina, man with boobs, man-loving, manly-hearted woman, masochist, master, misrepresented, miss, misunderstood, mixed-gendered, muff muncher, multigender, non-op, omnisexual, out, outgoing, outspoken, pan-romantic, pansexual, pansy, peoplesexual, pervert, polyamorous, polyflexible, polygamist, polysexual, prettyboy, pro-choice, pro-gay, queer, recreational gender blender, redhead, same gender loving, same sex different gender oriented, sex positive, sex radical, sir, slave, slut, son, submissive, TG butch, teh gay, the gay, third gender, tranny, trannyboi, trannyboy, trannychaser, trannyfag, trans, trans-amorous, trans-friendly, trans-loving, transfan, transmale femme, transphile, transsensual, whore, woman-loving, working class, XX, YES!

What's yours?